dynatek dyna 2000
Product Overview
Dynatek announces the new Dyna 2000-HDEFI ignition system. The new Dyna 2000-HDEFI is an ignition and fuel injection control module that plugs inline with the bike’s stock ECM. The Dyna 2000 uses original equipment style connectors, so no splicing or cutting of the harness is required.
Dyna 2000-HDEFI Features
Ignition Timing Control- Signifi cant horsepower can often be made by making timing adjustments as well as being able to correct detonation problems that may occur. You can advance or retard your stock timing curve by +/- 10 degrees using the included Control Center software.
Fuel Control- The Dyna 2000-HDEFI allows for very specifi c fuel adjustment of the entire range of throttle openings and rpm combinations. Adjustments can also be based on additional inputs such as cylinder head temp or gear position.
Increased Rev Limit- The rev limiter is raised to 6200 RPM.
Compatible with the DynaTune auto tuning kit .- The Dyna 2000-HDEFI can be used with the DynaTune autotune kit for on the fl y automatic fuel adjustment.
Dyna 2000-HDEFI Fuel and Ignition Controller
Part No. Item Description Price Buy Option
DD2000-HD9EFI Softail Models 2012 $379.99
DD2000-HD10EFI Softail Deluxe / Heritage 2009-2011 $379.99
DD2000-HD11EFI Dyna Models 2006-2011 $379.99
DD2000-HD12EFI Dyna Models 2012-2013 $379.99
DD2000-HD13EFI V-Rod 2008-2011 $379.99
DD2000-HD14EFI V-Rod 2012-2013 $379.99
DD2000-HD3EFI 883 Sportster 2007-2013 $379.99
DD2000-HD4EFI 1200 Sportster 2007-2013 $379.99
DD2000-HD5EFI XR1200 2009-2012 $379.99
DD2000-HD6EFI Touring Models 2008-2009 $379.99
DD2000-HD7EFI Touring Models 2010-2013 $379.99
DD2000-HD8EFI Softail Models 2007-2011 $379.99